The Tamariki Club

An after school & holiday club provider

From September 2019, there are 2 different pricing plans for after school child care.  These changes have been brought in to match the new after school activity program that d’Auvergne School are offering from September 2019.  The session times, costs, discounts and booking conditions all match the new structure of d’Auvergne School – these are detailed below.

Please note, The Tamariki Club sessions start from 3pm; up to 3pm, d’Auvergne School are responsible for the care of your child.


This is a new way to save money on your booking.  A discounted rate is available to those people who:

  •  book a term of child care (this can be either part or full time),
  • pay their account IN FULL, with a minimum of 7 days’ in advance of the start of the booking,
  • do not require any changes, cancellations, amendments or ‘swaps’ during the term.

If you are on the Super Saver Rate, you are still able to book adhoc or extra sessions during the term; these will be invoiced to you on a separate account, and will be at the Flexi Rate price.

Fees rates reviewed August 2020 as below. 

2 hours   (3-5pm) £10
1 hour   (3-4pm or 4-5pm) £5.50

As the daily rate is now discounted, there are no further discounts for a weekly booking, so the cost of a week would be 5 x the daily rate.


This option, is the same as our existing booking structure for the after school club.  This is for people who:

  • wish to book adhoc sessions, or need a flexible or changeable booking throughout the term,
  • wish to pay on a weekly or monthly basis throughout the term,
  • may need to make changes to their booking, with only 7 days’ notice, e.g. cancellations or any other changes to dates/sessions,
  • no refund will be given with less than 7 days’ notice – this includes sickness.

Fees rates reviewed August 2020 as below. 

2 hours   (3-5pm) £13
1 hour   (3-4pm or 4-5pm) £6.50


Bookings are made using this online booking form.

Responsibility for the details of bookings and payment lies with the person making the initial booking.  If the session you require is fully booked, you will be placed on a waiting list. In the event of a space becoming available, The Tamariki Club will contact you.

Our preferred method of payment is online banking, although payment is also accepted by cheque and cash.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full payment details.

Please note for the after school club, late charges are as follows:

Children must be collected latest by the end of your session, i.e. 4pm or 5pm.  If a child is collected late and after their allocated session time, then the late pick up charges are as follows:

    • Late pick up for the 3pm-4pm session – £10
    • Late pick up for the 4pm – 5pm session – £20
    • Late pick up for the 3pm – 5pm session – £20

If you do NOT receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes of completing the booking form, then your form may not have been submitted successfully. Please contact us at info@tamarikiclub.com to check if your form has been received.  

ALL boxes must be completed on the form with at least 1 character – use N/A or a dash if you have no information to type in the box.  If you leave boxes blank, your form will NOT be submitted successfully.

Now please fill in the form below remembering to complete EVERY box on the form.



    Child's Full Name

    Child's School

    Child's Class

    Child's Date of Birth

    Click on which day(s) and session time(s) you require

    Monday (3-5pm)Monday (3-4pm)Monday (4-5pm)
    Tuesday (3-5pm)Tuesday (3-4pm)Tuesday (4-5pm)
    Wednesday (3-5pm)Wednesday (3-4pm)Wednesday (4-5pm)
    Thursday (3-5pm)Thursday (3-4pm)Thursday (4-5pm)
    Friday (3-5pm)Friday (3-4pm)Friday (4-5pm)

    I wish to book the:

    Super Saver RateFlexi Rate

    Super Saver Rate - No changes, cancellations or swaps are permitted. Full payment for each term's account must be paid in advance.

    Flexi Rate - 7 days' notice only required for any changes, cancellations or swaps. Options to pay weekly, monthly or in full.

    Click on the link above for this year's fees and further details.


    What date would you like this booking to begin?

    Is this an ongoing booking for the school year? YesNo

    Parent/Guardian #1 Full Name

    Parent/Guardian #1 Full Address

    Parent/Guardian #1 Home Telephone

    Parent/Guardian #1 Mobile(s)

    Parent/Guardian #1 Work Address

    Parent/Guardian #1 Work Telephone

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    Parent/Guardian #2 Full Name

    Parent/Guardian #2 Full Address

    Parent/Guardian #2 Home Telephone

    Parent/Guardian #2 Mobile(s)

    Parent/Guardian #2 Work Address

    Parent/Guardian #2 Work Telephone

    Parent/Guardian #2 Email Address

    Additional emergency contact name and phone number (NOT PARENTS/CARERS)

    All persons authorised to collect (other than parents/carers)

    G.P.'s name and telephone number

    Any Medical, allergy, dietary information or special needs

    My child's vaccinations are up-to-date

    It is OK for my child to be given sun cream if needed

    I give permission for my child to appear in photos, which may be used for marketing purposes

    Does your child require any additional support at school during the term time? If yes, please give details in the box below.

    Is your child supported by any agencies (e.g. Parenting Support Services, Children's Services, Children In Need Team)? If yes, please give details in the box below.

    Any other information we may need to know?

    I have read and agree to the After School Club terms and conditions